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We are all coming together for you  / Barbara Perez (Cousin)  Read >>
We are all coming together for you  / Barbara Perez (Cousin)
We will all come together tomorrow in memory of you.... I want to go but then i don't because i don't want to accept your gone. I miss you so much words can not describe. Your kids are getting so big and we have so many new editions to the family, it just does not seem right without you. You are the world to us and i wish you would come home and settle everyones heart. I love you cousin. Close
Don't give up  / Denise G. (Advocate for the Missing )  Read >>
Don't give up  / Denise G. (Advocate for the Missing )
Robin, I don't know your lovely wife and family.  I am simply an advocate for the missing, someone who cares, someone who is on a mission to bring home the missing to those who are waiting.  If you are out there and see this, I prevail upon you to reveal yourself.  To your family, please never give up home.  My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Close
not sure why....  / Marissa Larson   Read >>
not sure why....  / Marissa Larson

once again i've ended up here. wanting so desparately to reach out for you and yet there is nothing. i hate these nights.....i hate the loneliness. i miss you, and as much as want to move pass this, i can't seem to, i don't know why. i can't let go of you. these nights always catch me by surprise. i want so badly for you to be here, my heart aches, my soul aches, my eyes burn with the tears that flow from them. 2 years, three much longer will this go on? 

i feel as though your family has moved away from me. no one calls to check on the kids, no invites for thanksgiving, and every time i go by your mom's noone is there. 

i don't know why, but i feel like there is a huge disconnect. i can't stand it. even more so becuase there is something so big that i need to tell them, and there's noone to tell. in time i guess..... the day will come when they will have to know, i just don't think they will want to hear me out. so i pray on it.... pray that they will all understand that i'm making the right decision for the benefit of our kids.

your babies miss you, robin. so many things are going on in their life right now. ivy will be in her first school play on the 18th for christmas. dewaine has been chosen to participate in the UIL in january for his spelling. you'd be so proud of them, they are so smart. both of them got straight a's on their report cards. inside all i hope is that you are proud of me for everything i do for them. it's so hard... yet, i have to do it. because now it's just me raising them instead of us. it shouldn't have turned out like this. but it did, and i can't change that. all i can do is give it all i got and never give up. i know the lord is with me on this journey. 

i know the lord hears my prayers, and i know that one day an answer will come. 2007 is ending quickly, i have prayed that i would not have to walk into another new year not knowing what happened that fateful day in august 05. 2008 is a year of new beginnings. i was so hoping that this chapter would finally be closed and i could move on. but it hasn't. i want to love again robin, i know in my heart that you would want me to move on. i know that you wouldn't want me to cry silently at night anymore. i know that i can't until the final chapter is written. i can't let go of you yet. part of me doesn't want to to. i hold on to more then what the last 2 years of our marriage was. there was so much more to us. joe's birthday just passed several weeks ago, the only though on my mind was the day he turned one was the day we found out dewaine would be apart of our lives together. we were going to be a family. it's memories like that i hold on to. i know that in time i will be able to move on, but time will never erase our memories together.

i miss you.....time has not changed that. i don't think it ever will. i can only hope that time will ease the pain. i hope your proud of me robin, i hope that you are watching down from heaven at me and our children and saying how proud you are for the sacrifices i make, for the time that i give, for the memories that we've made, for the tears that i've wiped, for the boo-boo's i've kissed, for the hearts i have tried to heal. your babies miss you.... and just like me time will not change that. my biggest hope is that because of all of this they will become stronger people in life because they have been through the hardest journey any child should never have to face. the loss of a parent.

we love you robin, and miss you more then every tear that will ever be cried by the three of us. 


With Love for you  / Barbara Perez (Cousin)  Read >>
With Love for you  / Barbara Perez (Cousin)
I miss you so much, it seems so hard to know that i will probably never see you again. I am so mad because it is like everyone has turned  thier cheeks to us trying to help find you. Robin i don't know what happened and i probably never will, but i hope you know we are searching. We love you very much. You are the life support to us and i know that with out you one of us will stop beating, i am sad to say it is going to be your mom, i don't know how much more she can take. I love you Rob Bob...... :)   Close
Missing you  / Barbara Perez (Cousin)  Read >>
Missing you  / Barbara Perez (Cousin)
well, i got married and i wish you would of been there. Your children looked beautiful, it turned out really nice. i love and miss you so much. i know we will probably never know where you are or what happened to you but i want you to know that we love and miss you   very much and i wish you was home already. i do not know how much more of this we can handle........ Close
Like red on a rose...  / Marissa   Read >>
Like red on a rose...  / Marissa


Alan Jackson sings this song called Like Red on a Rose. Every time I hear I think of you. I tried so hard to add it to the site tonight, but because of the format I couldn't. In time, in time..

Music seems to be such comfort to me at times. These nights when I can't get you out of my mind. Memories of you and the times we had had engulf me. I find comfort in the words of certain songs. Like Red on a Rose is one of them. "Like blue in a sky, a gaze of your willing eyes, touched something deep inside. I love you like only little children love pennies, I love you like good times of which I've known many."  I miss those good times, I miss you.

I keep thinking to myself this has got to get easier... some days it does, and then there's nights like tonight. All I can think about is you. 

I want an answer Robin. I want to know what happened. It's like this book that was started but hasn't been finished. No one knows the ending. I know all of us want to be able to write the ending. Only no of us knows it. I wish there was a way to know. I wish I could look at the kids and give them an honest answer. But I can't, certian things said are easier then facing the unknown. I hate being uncertain. I hate not knowing the truth.

I know one day it will come out. The problem is when. Will it be tomorrow, next week, next year? Noone knows. I know that is what hurts everyone more then anything, the uncertainty of your disappearence, hell some people can't even get the damn day right. I'll never forget it. It was the day you single handedly changed mine, your childrens, and every one elses life who loves you. I wish I knew what was going through your head, why the hell did you have to do it! If only you could see how much we all hurt, if only you could see every tear that has and will be cried. I'm mad at you, why did this have to happen? Why did you have to go to Rosharan that day?  I'm mad at you Robin, it is so difficult raising these kids by myself. Finacially, emotionaly, even physically at times. It's so hard. At times I feel as though I'm so alone. I feel like no one truly understands how I feel. Everyone around me seems to expect me to go on. I can't. I want to, I even had the chance to a few weeks ago, but I couldn't. It's unexplainable.. it's like I need to know there will never be another fishing trip with you, another sunrise, another hug, another gaze from your loving eyes. I need the closure and so does every one else... more then anything your kids, our kids. 

I will always love you Robin, like red on a rose. Time can't change that. The fights that happened between us won't. Your disappearence never will. I know as long as I have Dewaine and Ivy I have you. It took our love to create our two wonderful children, and in each of them is a part of you and me.

"Like red on a rose, when your lips first smiled at me. I was captured instantly, to each his own. Like blue in a sky, a gaze of your willing eyes touched something deep inside. And the truth be known....."

The truth will be known, like you always said it's darkest before the dawn.

Onw more day  / Barbara Mays (Cousin)  Read >>
Onw more day  / Barbara Mays (Cousin)

Well another day has come and gone, man i am telling you this is not getting any easier. Robin i am so mad at you for leaving expescially the way you did. I know you were going through bad times, but you mom nad your kids are paying for it. Not a day goes by when i think of how much you are loved and missed. You need to know  that. I pray that god would answer our prayers and bring u home to us. But i fear it is to late. I know in my heart that something bad has happened and we will never find you. That is just so unfair.  i  know you miss and love your kids and your mom, why did  you not say you were in  trouble?We could of helped you. We still can we just need a sign that you are here. Please God help us find  him,  we need him to come  home. these kids are growing up and they need closure. I miss you so much Robin, Words will never describe the way we morn for you. Life will go on but it will suck. You used to be the first one at family stuff and now it feels so empty. i will be getting married in July and it is just not going to feel the same.

lOVE YOU ALWAYS  / Barbara (cousin)  Read >>
lOVE YOU ALWAYS  / Barbara (cousin)
Well, i am glad to see that everyone still looks at this i thought i was the only one, Robin Marissa is right, your kids need you, i have not cried that hard in a long time until i read what she wrote to you.She is thinking about moving away with the kids, but my heart dropped when she told me, i fear i will never see them again. That scares me to think that she will leave and you will come home to find them gone. Robin, i don't know what else to say or do to find you, i am not giving up but i am putting it in gods hands to bring you home. I am so thankful that i have my family and friends and i am sure that everyone is thankful for me just as they are for you. you are a piece to the puzzle that is missing and can never be hung up without being finished. I love you very much and miss you forever...... Close
Your babies are growing up, we wish you were here to see them  / Marissa Larson   Read >>
Your babies are growing up, we wish you were here to see them  / Marissa Larson
Another birthday has come and gone. Our little girl is not so little anymore. Ivy turned 6 yesterday and I really wish you were here to see her. She is growing up to be a very beautiful girl. I know you would be proud of her. She's learning how to read and has become very good at it. Bubba helps out at night by reading to her before bedtime. You are still in our prayers and every day we pray for your safe return home. Sometimes I think you may already be. Next week she will be graduating from kindergarden. I can't help but to feel sadness in knowing you will not be here in person to see her walk across the stage to get her diploma. It won't be long before the years pass and she'll graduate from highschool and college. She has big plans for herself already, she tells me all the time she wants to write books when she grows up. Who knows? I might have a budding author in the making. I know whatever she does in life she'll be a success.

Dewaine is growing up too quick. More then anything he needs you in his life right now. He really needs you to help him through these tough years between being a child and growing up to be a man. There's only so much I can do to guide him because I lack a lot of things that you would have to offer him. You would be really proud of him too. He took his math TAKS and scored a commended grade. I was unsure what that meant until his teacher told me it was a perfect score. Math is really becoming his strong point in school. I'm so very proud of him. He will also be graduating next week in Cub Scouts. He's entering his 3rd year and will become a Webelos scout. Two years of Webelos and he'll be ready for Boy Scouts. His goal is to make it all the way to Eagle Scout. Top honors, no doubt, I expect nothing less from him. He really enjoys scouts, and so do I. He has shown a remarkable improvement in his attitude since joining. I really do believe it has become very benefical to him. He has become very independent, but at the same time knows that I'm always here to help him when he needs it.

Your missing so much. I wish you were here to see our kids grow up. I know they do to. Life isn't the same without you. I'd do anything I could to turn back the clocks to August 21st when I last saw you. You had dropped off the kids after spending the weekend with them. I thank God that they at least got to spend that final weekend with you before you disappeared the next day. I asked you to come in the house so we could talk about some things over ice tea, and you just kept saying that Sonny was in a hurry and you couldn't. If I had known that day that on Monday you would make a trip to Rosharon and never make it back, I would have found a way to keep you there. Even though it's been alomst 2 years I can still remember that phone call I made to BeBe and she said you had left earlier that day and hadn't made it back. Dewaine wanted to talk to you that night and tell you he loves you before bed time. I could hear the sadness in BeBe's voice, it was then I knew something terrible had happened. I will never forget that feeling. Unfortunently he never got the chance to tell you he loves you. But I know inside that you know just how much he does.  

Robin, we miss you so much. and not a day goes by that something doesn't remind me of you. Whether it be a whiff of Obsession colone on the person walking by, or a really cool paint job that I know you would like. Somedays it's just a feeling in the air, a certain calmness that makes me feel as though you are right next to me. I still cry over you. I can't wonder how long it will take until I don't. But until the day comes that we all have closure i'm sure I'll shead plenty more tears. I cry inside when Dewaine gives me this loving look like I used to see from you. I know you will forever be a part of us. If not in person then in spirit. Somedays it's easier to believe that your already home in Heaven, and watching over us. Ivy has dreams all the time that an angel comes to her at night and tells her that her daddy is safe and that he loves her and is watching over her. Ivy's heart is finally begining to heal. At times I think it's easier for the kids as well to believe your with us in spirit. The three of us know that you would never leave us for good. It's those thoughts and memories of you that help us make it through the toughest days when we miss you like crazy. There's times when we just cry together as a family. Dewaine and Ivy still remember the last time we went out as a family and spent the day at Resoft Park having a picnic, going fishing, and playing on the playground. It's those family memories they will always cherish. We can sit for hours looking through old pictures of us as a family. And the next picture always begins with momma do you remember when....? I'm glad for that. Ivy tells me how much she misses your whiskers on her cheek when you would hug and kiss her. Dewaine misses you taking him fishing and still talks about the time you took him to Chocolate bayou and helped him catch the 2 pound bass. It's one of his fondest memories of the 2 of you together. And I miss your hugs. Somehow everything would always seem okay when you would hug me. Your hugs always seem to make everything better. 

You were such a great man Robin. You had so much going for you. I wish I had fought harder for you during your darkest days. Remember how you always said it's darkest before the dawn? I'm still waiting for the dawn. Although the sun is slowly begining to rise, it's still pretty dark.   

The kids and I miss you very much and more so we love you. Regardless of where we go in the future you will always be a part of our lives. Nothing will ever change that. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten. We will love you forever.

Marissa, Dewaine, and Ivy
MISSING YOU  / Barbara (Cousin)  Read >>
MISSING YOU  / Barbara (Cousin)
Ok well i asked for help in finding something about you being missing, now lets see who is really our angels.... i m iss you cousin and i hope that one day we will find closure. Close
Missing you  / Barbara Mays (Cousin)  Read >>
Missing you  / Barbara Mays (Cousin)
All this time has gone by and still no sign, no call, no glimmer of hope that you will be coming home. I sit here and look at the missing posters as if you are going to step right out of it. I honestly don't know how we are expected to go on without you. You are the family tie, just like Granny Ivy, you made sure we were always doing something together, whether it be fishing, flounder gigging, or just sitting in the front yard complaining about being broke. But you know what we have love, always have and always will. Robin i wish you could give us some kind of sign if you are truely gone because i can't help but look at everyone walking down the highway to see if it is you trying to come home, i have chased down trucks thinkning it was you boy did i feel stupid, but i will not give up. I will look for you and pray for our family. I MISS YOU COUSIN.... BROTHER..... FRIEND...... 

Dear Lord, 
Please bring Robin home to his family, and if he is at home with his maker please lord give my family the comfort and peace they need to accept and know that we will see him again. 

Amen and Amen
My cousin  / Barbara Mays (Cousin)  Read >>
My cousin  / Barbara Mays (Cousin)

We love you cousin and miss you very much.........

happy birthday  / JEREMY MANGRUM (COUSIN)  Read >>
happy birthday  / JEREMY MANGRUM (COUSIN)
Happy Birthday  / Barbara Mays (cousin)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Barbara Mays (cousin)

I just wanted to say that we love you and miss you very much. Even though you are gone we are still celebrating your life. Robin, i never got to tell you goodbye and that is the one thing that kills me inside. I am sorry for any bad thing i have said to you or any doubhts i have had in you.Robin, i wish you would come home we all need you. I am going to see your mother tonight and i know she is going to cry and i am going to tell her that everything will be ok, but i know it is not ok. You are not home and your kids need you.Your mom crys daily, she wears your picture on her hat, she has your posters all over her car, she even has your christmas presents from last year. Robin if your really gone please help us find you and find out what happened to you. We love you and miss you very much.

Robin Mangrum we miss you  / Barbara Mays (Cousin)  Read >>
Robin Mangrum we miss you  / Barbara Mays (Cousin)

Robin, we miss you and love you so very much. In every day's breath we can feel your touch. We know you did not mean to leave us this way, i want to tell you we are here to stay..... searching all day, everyday for you, we will find you and bring you home. Until the day we see you again, remember we love you.