Robin Mangrum
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Robin Mangrum who was born in Oklahoma on February 08, 1971 and went missing on August 19, 2005 at the age of 34. We will remember him forever. We will not forget him and we will not stop looking for him. Robin left behind two beautiful children Dewaine and Ivy. His mother Sue and many many friends and family members. Robin left without sayin goodbye and all of his family and friends will make sure that he comes HOME....... Robin love to go fishing lol....he named his daughter Marina :) He always loved to joke around and play pranks on people. We love and miss you Robin. Please come home.
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We are all coming together for you   / Barbara Perez (Cousin)
We will all come together tomorrow in memory of you.... I want to go but then i don't because i don't want to accept your gone. I miss you so much words can not describe. Your kids are getting so big and we have so many new editions to the family, it...  Continue >>
Don't give up   / Denise G. (Advocate for the Missing )
Robin, I don't know your lovely wife and family.  I am simply an advocate for the missing, someone who cares, someone who is on a mission to bring home the missing to those who are waiting.  If you are out there and see this, I prevail upon...  Continue >>
not sure why....   / Marissa Larson
once again i've ended up here. wanting so desparately to reach out for you and yet there is nothing. i hate these nights.....i hate the loneliness. i miss you, and as much as want to move pass this, i can't seem to, i don't know why. i can'...  Continue >>
With Love for you   / Barbara Perez (Cousin)
I miss you so much, it seems so hard to know that i will probably never see you again. I am so mad because it is like everyone has turned  thier cheeks to us trying to help find you. Robin i don't know what happened and i probably never will, bu...  Continue >>
Missing you   / Barbara Perez (Cousin)
well, i got married and i wish you would of been there. Your children looked beautiful, it turned out really nice. i love and miss you so much. i know we will probably never know where you are or what happened to you but i want you to know that we lo...  Continue >>
Like red on a rose...  / Marissa     Read >>
Onw more day  / Barbara Mays (Cousin)    Read >>
lOVE YOU ALWAYS  / Barbara (cousin)    Read >>
Your babies are growing up, we wish you were here to see them  / Marissa Larson     Read >>
MISSING YOU  / Barbara (Cousin)    Read >>
Missing you  / Barbara Mays (Cousin)    Read >>
My cousin  / Barbara Mays (Cousin)    Read >>
happy birthday  / JEREMY MANGRUM (COUSIN)    Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Barbara Mays (cousin)    Read >>
Robin Mangrum we miss you  / Barbara Mays (Cousin)    Read >>
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